Universal Windows Africa

PLEASE NOTE: These universal panels are suitable for most Windows, but not for all. We have over 20 different sizes and 3 different colors (anthracite, grey or brown), so if you need other sizes or colours, ask.

Double glazed window is supplied complete with aluminium fixings to assemble on the means to be interchangeable with all other window types that have similar aesthetic characteristics. In this package you will also find all the accessories for mounting took (handle, stays).

The photo is only representative of glass, does not correspond to the measures in the advertisement.

  • Windows AFRICA Feature: window with all four CORNERS and recessed aluminium hinge inside (as shown in photo).

  • Description: these universal glazings can replace much of glass mounted today on Windows of camper/caravan, even with respect to Windows that are manufactured now no more because out of production.

  • Technical information: double glass cast methacrylate 3 mm 2 mm longer with doubling anodised aluminium hinge.

  • Packaging Information: The glasses are packaged individually in cardboard boxes, with foam protection.


  • 1) check the design of your glass panel is similar to that of the photo in the ad: in particular, check that the upper and lower corners must be rounded (not upright) and that the aluminum top hinge is encased inside the same window (as shown in photo). If not, read the directions at the end of the ad to understand what kind of universal window may be best suited to your case.
  • 2)) If you are unsure, please send some pictures of your [email protected] window. If you no longer the window, sent the images of other Windows on your RV, is used to understand the model.

  • 3) Measured the hole window (width W and height H) as described below and verify that the measurements are equal to those of the ad (WxH).

  • 4) make sure all corners of your window opening are curved and not at a right angle (as shown in the illustration below).

  • 5) keep in mind that this is a universal and window, depending on your window, not always turns out to be perfectly equal, so it may be that you may need to make some simple adjustments. For example it could happen that the positions of the handles are not the same, in which case you should move the hook blocks, or it could happen that you must also move the position of the coupling of the binary. In any case, are always simple adjustments within everyone's reach.

  • How to take measurements

    Windows measures you take the hole wall shell Camper/Caravan in interior width sealing gasket and internal height by internal sealing gasket inside AS, of course, the measures will be approximately 1 cm approximately.

    Differences between Universal models

    • Windows: window with RIGHTEOUS and LOWER TOP CORNERS rounded. The aluminium hinge is not encased inside and wraps around the top side

    • OCEANIA Window: window with HIGHER and LOWER RIGHT CORNERS rounded. The aluminium hinge is encased inside.

    • ASIA: Windows window with all four RIGHT ANGLES. The aluminium hinge is encased inside.

    • AFRICA: Windows window with all four corners rounded. The aluminium hinge is encased inside.

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