Spare parts for windows

Our replacement windows can be used to replace many models made by the most famous brands of camper window manufacturers. Particularly:
EUROPA - AFRICA - OCEANIA - ASIA windows can replace some models of these brands: ParaPress, Klein, Planet, Birkholtz, Seitz, Polyplastic, Plastoform.
- SEITZ N.O. glasses can replace Seitz AGS3, AGS4, AGS5 and Birkholtz series. The latter in bronze were installed until the end of the 90s.
- ARCA glasses exclusively replace a type of ParaPress window installed on the Arca Motorhome between the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s.

For other brands of windows that are not present in the text, write us an e-mail with the measures of the window hole and pictures of window. So we can recommend the most suitable solution.

Before buying our windows, it's important to follow the instructions contained in the product pages, which are useful for making the measurements correctly. In case of doubts, we advise you to contact us to obtain support in identifying and choosing the correct product and to avoid an incorrect purchase. We remind you that in case of incorrect purchase, the responsibility and the costs of return are borne by the buyer, as indicated in the "Sales Conditions".