Wintermantel Isolation Thermomatten Motorhome Mc Louis (letzten) wohnmobile

Wintermantel Isolation Thermomatten Motorhome Mc Louis (letzten) wohnmobile
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Marke: Mc Louis

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100% MADE IN ITALY. Entworfen und hergestellt völlig in Italien. Im Unterschied zu vielen anderen im Europäischen Markt leicht zugänglichen Artikeln, dieser Artikel besteht nur aus Italienischen Material, hergestellt nach den geltenden Europäischen Gesetzen.

Note: the pictures are just for example and their purpose is only show the article installed on a vehicle. So the vehicle in the pictures is not always the same written in the title.

Thermal overcoat wintry "COVERTECH", brand NRF, to cover cabin, ideal to protect from winter cold and from summer hot.

SUN protection grade = very high

COLD protection grade = very high

As seen in the picture, the drapes can cover all cabin (windscreen and lateral windows), thus ensuring optimum and complete protection from winter frost. Its thoughtful design as well as being aesthetically very nice, has been designed to obtain an optimal adherence in order to ensure increased thermal barrier. Thus becomes a real thermal coat.

Designed to be assembled and disassembled easily and without using additional tie rods, but only 4 suckers as in pictures, very nice aesthetically and at the same time very functionals (tested at extreme temperatures).