Promo Oscurecedor: Aislante Térmico CABINA ext + int Mercedes Sprinter 2014-2019

Promo Oscurecedor: Aislante Térmico CABINA ext + int Mercedes Sprinter 2014-2019
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100% MADE IN ITALY. Designed and produced completely in Italy. Contrary to many other similar articles easily available in European market, this article was produced using exclusively Italian materials, produced in accordance with EU regulations in force.


COMPLETE SET of THERMAL BLINDS FOR CABIN EXTERNAL 1pc and INTERNAL 3pcs (windscreen and side cab windows). Made by NRF.

External Blind Description:

NRF brand - external thermal blind for only cabin is ideal to protect from summer hot and from winter freeze.

Designed to cover completely cabin, ensuring an optimal and integral protection from both hot and cold. The accurate design besides being aesthetically much appreciated was studied to obtain the perfect adherence to the vehicle body and warrant a better thermic barrier. This item becomes therefor a real thermo-coat and it is a must for everyone that wants to enjoy camping holidays in every season.

The item is produced in order to be fitted and taken apart with extreme facility and without need of using added pulling elements, the result is exactly shown by the pictures.

NB: This kind of cover is also available for both cabin and bonnet. Please on ebay look for "Thermal external blinds windscreen cover 2pc ..."


- 3 layers (pvc + foam + double pet with mesh);

- reflecting;

- resistant;

- waterproof.

When stored in their bag they just occupy a small space of about 30x60cm.

Note: the vehicle and blinds in the pictures are relative to Fiat Ducato, but the result is exactly the same.


Internal Blinds Description:


Thermo-acoustic internal blinds kit composed by 3 pieces (windscreen and side cab windows). Made by NRF.


- fixing by suckers: prepared with eyelets already applied to the blinds;

- external layer made of PVC;

- internal layer made of aluminium. The 7 layers are:

1° layer 90 micron aluminium film made of 3 layers with tear resistant mesh treated against rays UVA 90%;

2° layer 2mm polyethylene foam colour anthracite;

3° layer 38 micron aluminium film for insulation;

4° layer 2mm polyethylene foam;

5° layer 38 micron aluminium film for insulation;

6° layer 75 gr anti-allergic padding for insulation;

7° layer grey tissue.