Cover Sun Oscurante esterno Cabina Camper Fiat Ducato 2002/2006 2° serie

Cover Sun Oscurante esterno Cabina Camper Fiat Ducato 2002/2006 2° serie
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Marca de fábrica: Fiat
Cabina: exterior

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100% MADE IN ITALY. Designed and produced completely in Italy. Contrary to many other similar articles easily available in European market, this article was produced using exclusively Italian materials, produced in accordance with EU regulations in force.


Water resistant external blinds Cover Sun, covers all the windows of the cabin. The fitting is very easy because it uses  the cab doors both as tie-beam and as support in order also to prevent from theft.

protection grade from heat = medium/high

protection grade from cold = low

Ideal for summer use. It protects from the sun and UV rays, increases privacy and keeps the glass clean of your vehicle by eliminating the problem of condensation.

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- protection against UV and sunrays, ideal for privacy;

- elegant outside finishing integrated with the camper;

- produced with two layers material for optimal insulating;

- white;

- packaging in a bag sized 40x30x10cm.