Universal Window WxH 1000x600 Grey: Motorhome Camper Caravan

Universal Window WxH 1000x600 Grey: Motorhome Camper Caravan
Price:£ 187.20£ 159.12



Shipping costs:

£ 43.92


40 pieces

Window Color: Grey
Window hole: height: 600
Window hole: width: 1000

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Handling Time: 10 days
Object location: Map

VERY IMPORTANT: Suitable for MOST of the windows but not ALL the windows. We have more then 40 different size and 5 different colours, so please if you need other size or colours, ask us.

The NRF double glass panel for motorhome windows, is complete with accessories (handle, arms, hinge in aluminium).
The picture is only for reference of the panel, it does not always correspond to the size in the ad.

  • Description: these universal glass panels can replace most of the standard window's glass panel mounted on motorhomes and caravans, also those windows that are no longer produced by the original suppliers being out of production.

  • Technical information: double glazing made of 3 mm casted methacrylate with 2 mm double, complete of hinge made of anodized aluminium. Complete of fitting accessories.

  • Packaging Information: single packaging in cardboard boxes with foam protections.


  • 1) Check that the drawing of your glass panel is similar to the picture in ad, in particular regard the top corners that have to be with right angle (90°).
  • 2) If you are not sure, send some pictures of your window to [email protected] If you do not have anymore the window, send pictures of other windows of your camper.

  • 3) Measure your window hole (Width and Height) as described below and verify that the measurements are equal to the ones in ad.

  • 4) Check if all the angles of your window hole are curved and not right angle (as illustrated in the below picture).

  • 5) Keep in mind that this is an universal window and, depending on your window, not always it is perfectly equal so may be that you have to do some adaptations. For example may be that the positions of the handles are not the same, so you have to move the hooking blocks, or may be that you have to move also the position of the hooking binary of the window.

  • How to take measurements

    The measures to be taken are those of the window hole, width and height, from/to the inside part of the rubber seal (so without including the dimension of the rubber seal) AS PER DRAWING; obviously these measures will be about 1 cm lower than the one indicated into ad title.