Heki roof Plus 3 Dometic Seitz: RV and Caravan

Heki roof Plus 3 Dometic Seitz: RV and Caravan
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£ 72.96


10 pieces

Window hole: height: 655
Window Hole width: 960

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Handling Time: 10 days
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HEKI 3 PLUS porthole


Specificatamenteprogettato for motorhomes, Heki 3 Plus is made from sturdy material ASA. Lalarga opening provides a lot of light and a great airflow. Powerful shading of the vehicle, the door was equipped with pleated dioscurante. The Duette honeycomb ensures massimoconfort and thermal insulation.

Ildoppio acrylic glass, from simple opening thanks to a crank, is kept open by air springs for your comfort. In bad weather, if the lock feature prevents rain from entering the eal wind to move the door from the set position. With insulator telaiopoliuretanico acrylic paint and rubber gasket, comes complete with blind and mosquito net combined.


  • 960x655mm light measurement for airflow
  • easy installation on the vehicle roof
  • external dimensions 1080x790mm
  • inner frame with separately adjustable blind and mosquito net
  • easy to use thanks to the winding mechanism
  • two 12 volt lights for a pleasant lighting
  • patented lateral bands to reduce the incidence of light inside the vehicle
  • protruding dome over the frame to prevent leakage in case of rain
  • creamy white frame color
  • variable opening positions
  • Max 70° opening angle
  • weight 15 kg
  • standard roof thickness 25-32 mm

adaptable to non-standard roof thicknesses by buying additional installation Kit as shown in the table:

  1. Article No. CB75092OD, black colour, thickness 32-39 mm mount
  2. Article No. CB75093OD, yellow, mounting depth 39-46 mm
  3. Article No. CB75094OD, blue color, mounting thickness 46-53 mm
  4. Article No. CB75095OD, red, thickness of 53-60 mm mounting


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