Full window Dometic Seitz S4 sliding 700x600: RV/caravan

Full window Dometic Seitz S4 sliding 700x600: RV/caravan

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Full Window for caravans & motorhomes, ready to be installed with double acrylic glass, curtain blind and mosquito net integrated roller. Excellent thermal insulation.

Installation simple and fast for thick walls from 26 to 41 mm. Installing Windows Seitz is simple. 2 frames system (external and internal frame) is screwed from the inside; the uniform distribution of pressure along with the continuous sealed joints provides perfect sealing.


  • Central command, convenient to operate with just one hand, which allows to combine mosquito net and darkening awning;
  • Easy to adjust to different locations;
  • Sliding window with interlocking handles anti-intrusion security;
  • External frame colours RAL 9005;
  • Internal frame colour white RAL 9001 cream;
  • Blackout curtain white interior, Aluminum clad exterior;
  • White mosquito net;
  • Grey acrylic glass.

The measures relate to the shell hole.
The photo is only representative of glass, does not correspond to the measures in the advertisement.