Thermal Coverage Covertech 2pz NRF x Laika Motorhome

Thermal Coverage Covertech 2pz NRF x Laika Motorhome
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Brand: Laika

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100% MADE IN ITALY. Unlike many similar articles found on the Italian and European markets, the following article has been designed and manufactured in every part of Italy using only Italian materials manufactured in full compliance with current EU legislation.

COVERTECH 2pz winter thermal oscuration brand NRF to cover the engine cabin and engine compartment, ideal for protecting it from the cold winter.

As seen in the picture, the darkener allows to fully cover the engine compartment and compartment (windscreen, side windows, engine compartment), thus ensuring a good and complete protection from winter frost. Its careful design, in addition to being aesthetically appreciated, has been studied to achieve optimal grip on the vehicle, thus ensuring a greater thermal barrier. So it becomes a real thermal coat.

It's handy in assembly, just a few seconds and you do not use tie rods but only 4 suction cups as well as very beautiful aesthetically pleasing and at the same time very functional (tested at extreme temperatures), the result is exactly what you see from the photos.

Covertech Features:

* eight layers of which the two pvc exteriors;

* anti uv;

* water repellent;

* particularly suitable for low temperatures;

* maximum softness that allows perfect grip on the medium.

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