Safe Mod Flyscreen Grey Darkening 3014. NRF: 450 RV caravan

Safe Mod Flyscreen Grey Darkening 3014. NRF: 450 RV caravan
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100% MADE IN ITALY. Designed and produced completely in Italy. Contrary to many other similar articles easily available in European market, this article was produced using exclusively Italian materials, produced in accordance with EU regulations in force.

Produced by the NRF, the article is exactly as shown in photo, easy to install and with a new modern design, allows you to protect your RV from light and insects.

Consisting of a container door rolls and two lateral guides. Can be stopped in multiple locations. Mounting is possible by one person using two spacers stops pop-up box.

Technical characteristics:

-a container for roll aluminum tube for canvas darkening;

-a container for roll aluminum tube for mosquito net;

-a towel Darkening external side aluminized to reflect the Sun's rays;

-a Mosquito net made of fiberglass polyester coated;

-two guide rails of sliding PVC.

Reference measurement to be taken is the width of the window hole (possibly you must take it by half right half gasket gasket hole left of your window), the height is standard for a maximum of 650 mm window opening and height ADJUSTABLE 720mm box BUT on YOUR NEEDS.